Published Results

Scientific results from the Galilee and Carnegie cruises were published mainly in the journal Terrestrial Magnetism and Atmospheric Electricity and in the following series of monographs issued by the Carnegie Institution of Washington. Print copies are available in many large university, public, and museum libraries. Online versions are freely accessible in the Internet Archive and Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Researches of the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism 

(CIW Publication 175, published in 26 volumes, 1912-1969)


Vol. 3: Ocean Magnetic Observations, 1905-1916, and Reports on Special Researches. By L. A. Bauer, with W. J. Peters, J. A. Fleming, J. P. Ault, and W. F. G. Swann (1917) 

  • Includes magnetic and atmospheric-electric results from Galilee cruises I, II, and III (1905-1908) and Carnegie cruises I, II, and III (1909-1914)

Vol. 5: Ocean Magnetic and Electric Observations, 1915-1921. By J. P. Ault, S. J. Mauchly, W. J. Peters, L. A. Bauer, and J. A. Fleming (1926) 

  • Includes magnetic and atmospheric-electric results from Carnegie cruises IV, V, and VI (1915-1921)

Vol. 8: Land and Ocean Magnetic Observations, 1927-1944. By W. F. Wallis and J. W. Green (1947)

  • Includes magnetic results from Carnegie cruise VII (1928-1929) -- for atmospheric-electric results, see CIW Publication 568


Scientific Results of Cruise VII of the Carnegie During 1928-29
Under the Command of Captain J. P. Ault

(published in 13 volumes, 1942-1945)


Biology-I. The Copepods of the Plankton Gathered During the Last Cruise of the Carnegie. By C. B.Wilson (1942). CIW Publication 536 

Biology-II. The Oceanic Tintinnoina of the Plankton Gathered During the Last Cruise of the Carnegie. By A. S. Campbell (1942). CIW Publication 537 

Biology-III. Studies in the Morphology, Taxonomy, and Ecology of the Peridiniales. By H. W.Graham (1942). CIW Publication 542 

Biology-IV. Biological Results of the Last Cruise of the Carnegie. By H. W. Graham et al. (1943). CIW Publication 555 

Biology-V. The Genus Ceratium in the Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans. By H. W. Graham and N. Bronikovsky (1944). CIW Publication 565 

Chemistry-I. Chemical Results of the Last Cruise of the Carnegie. By H. W. Graham and E. G. Moberg (1944). CIW Publication 562 

Meteorology-I. Meteorological Results of Cruise VII of the Carnegie, 1928-1929. By W. C. Jacobs and K. B. CIarke (1943). CIW Publication 544 

Meteorology-II. Upper-Wind Observations and Results Obtained on Cruise VII of the Carnegie. By A. Thomson (1943). CIW Publication 547 

Oceanography-I-A. Observations and Results in Physical Oceanography. By H. U. Sverdrup, F. M. Soule, J. A. Fleming, and C. C. Ennis (1944). CIW Publication 545A 

Oceanography-I-B. Observations and Results in Physical Oceanography, Graphical and Tabular Summaries. By J. A. Fleming, H. U. Sverdrup, C. C. Ennis, S. L. Seaton, and W. C. Hendrix (1945). CIW Publication 545B 

Oceanography-II. Part I. Marine Bottom Samples Collected in the Pacific Ocean by the Carnegie on its Seventh Cruise. By R. R. Revelle. Part II. Radium Content of Ocean-Bottom Sediments. By C. S. Piggott (1944). CIW Publication 556 

Oceanography-III. Ocean Atmospheric-Electric Results. By O. H. Gish, W. C. Parkinson, O. W.Torreson, and G. R. Wait (1945). CIW Publication 568 

Oceanography-IV. The Work of the Carnegie and Suggestions for Future Scientific Cruises. (1945). CIW Publication 571

  • Contents: 
  • I. The captain's report, by J. P. Ault 
  • II. Narrative of the cruise, by J. H. Paul 
  • III. The magnetic work of the Carnegie and the urgency of new ocean magnetic surveys, by J. A. Fleming* 
  • IV. The Carnegie: its personnel, equipment, and work, by E. Moberg 
  • V. Gravity determinations on the Carnegie, by S. E. Forbush 
  • VI. Note on the fluorine content of rocks and ocean-bottom samples, by E. S. Shepherd 
  • VII. Future ocean magnetic, electric, and oceanographic surveys 
  • VIII. Complete bibliography of Cruise VII of the Carnegie, by R. M. Crow 

* Note: magnetic results of Cruise VII were published in Land and Ocean Magnetic Observations, 1927-1944 [CIW Publication 175, vol. 8] 


Special Monographs

Description of the Earth's Main Magnetic Field and its Secular Change, 1905-1945. By E. H. Vestine, Lucile Laporte, Isabelle Lange, Caroline Cooper, and W. C. Hendrix. (1947). CIW Publication 578 

The Geomagnetic Field, its Description and Analysis. By E. H. Vestine, Isabelle Lange, Lucile Laporte, W. E. Scott. (1947). CIW Publication 580